Welcome to the blog of a welly wearing, animal adoring, tea drinking lover of adventure!

So for those of you who hadn’t guessed… that would be me! My writing for almost 10 years could previously be found at horsesandcake.com (and when I can work out how I’ll bring that here!) but have more recently fancied including other passions of mine… that and my rabbit was getting jealous of horses getting the focus and attention so has quite quickly required involvement! It was a good decision however, as in him I have now got an assistant editor… that or the laptop is warm to sit on and he’ll leave when it cools down!

Anyway, there will be plenty of time to talk about that in the near future so keep an eye out! And as well as that I will be back to share photos, quotes, books, baking recipes and much more.

Hope you enjoy!

Abbie x

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