Meet and greet!

This is my assistant editor, Binky, aka my incredibly inquisitive house rabbit! He had his eight month birthday (if that’s even a thing!) a few days back so he’s only young, but he has so much character and, I’m not sure he realises he’s actually a rabbit. He likes to sit on the sofa with me, or when I was searching for blog names he was on my laptop getting involved! It was this hard work that got him the job! 😂

Binky is a mini lop x lion head, and in my own biased opinion, he is undeniably cute! So far there’s not been anyone he hasn’t won over!

I thought I’d give him an introduction as he’ll probably crop up with the funny things he does, but for now its time for his breakfast… best part of the day and must not be late!

Abbie x

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