The best way to kick start a bank holiday…?

Was the answer ever going to be anything but jousting at Dover Castle… probably not!

Lovely sunshine, time with the family and watching knights on horseback demonstrate a joust… the important thing here being the horses, of course! I loved it! Watching the horses was enough for me to start thinking about booking my next riding lesson, it’s been too long! Not that I’ll be jousting, but maybe one day I’ll get to give it a go!

Keeping with the equine theme, and aside from the usual castle things to do, I also had a horse shoe made into a heart! It is amazing, and to watch the process and seeing it being done was so lovely!

What a day! ☀️ And may it continue through the long weekend 💛

Abbie x

Made by mutton_chop_forge as found on Instagram!

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