Double Trouble

Happy New Year! 🥳

I had my first ride of the year on Sunday afternoon! I just can’t wait for lighter evenings and getting out more! But I suppose it has given me more of an appreciation of it when I do get out!

Riding only once a week hasn’t really helped my nerves since falling off. I tried to deny them but even sat on the sofa the idea of jumping has been worrying me! Something I have really hated! I think because the logical part of my brain can’t quite understand why I’m worrying, or even worse, how to stop. But I set myself a challenge, knowing that would make it harder for me to back down, knowing I wanted to achieve.

I made an agreement with my oh-so-lovely (even though sometimes rather temperamental) steed! If she behaved herself and listened to me, we would pop a jump. And if she could pop the cross pole, we would try the double combination that has been causing my mind grief at what has been feeling like all hours of the day! But it’s like she understood, and she didn’t put a hoof wrong!

Relief, love and pride. That’s how I felt. But I couldn’t quite put the enormity of that into words ❤

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