Birthday Break

This year I have celebrated one of the major birthdays, and thought the best way to celebrate that was with an adventure! Where to go? Well the New Forest was an obvious choice for a short break for me!

We were only there for a few days but I loved being outside, in nature and the excitement of trying to find ponies wherever we went (which wasn’t very difficult at all for the majority of the trip!). Even walking back to our accomodation after a meal one evening, staring up at the stars on a beautifully calm and freezing night, we managed to find three ponies in the dark. Well, they found us but, it was an amazing experience to be with them roaming free.

Here are a few photographs that I took whilst we were there that I feel completely sum up our trip. I can’t wait to go back already… and maybe bring back one of those beautiful fuzzy foals!!!

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