Back in the game

This mare ♡

Last weekend we finally started to get ourselves reaquainted with the school after about a month of stormy weather and mud! We took it slowly, making sure that I knew where she was at and her with me. Today we had a lot more energy! And by we, I mean Florence!

I think it’s safe to say she is thrilled to be coming back into work, and I couldn’t be happier about that. In her mind, spring is obviously getting closer and trotting is no longer enough. She offered a canter for 3 laps which is the furthest we have ever gone, and all I could do was laugh, in absolute delight for her excitement.

Reminders like this just remind me of how far that she has come in such a short time, and how far we have come together. I am so very grateful for every second I spend with her, because more often than not it is spent with the most stupid smiles on my face. I cannot wait for spring and summer and for the many adventures that I know we will have. ♡

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