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Anxiety & Horse Riding

I have always been told that to have fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is totally normal and comes in with natural instinct which is what helps to keep us safe. However, too much fear can stop you achieving the things that you want to.
I started horse riding when I was 8 or 9 years old – it is one of my biggest passions and is undeniably a huge part of who I am. Then again, having never been the sort of person that can just fall off, bounce, and carry on as though nothing has happened, I seem to also spend a lot of time overthinking the scenarios where things go wrong! Sometimes I haven’t even realised how afraid I was, until one day a previous instructor asked if I was breathing, and drawing my attention to it made me realise that I had basically been holding it in. She threatened to make me sing whilst I rode to make sure it didn’t happen again and funnily enough, the threat alone was enough for me to keep checking in with myself 🙈 But my point is, it can be scary, and that’s not really something that is spoken about.
*I must add, as I probably sound crazy at this point, that when it goes well it can actually be a very rewarding hobby 😂 I wouldn’t be without it!!*
It is for this reason that I see it as so important to be aware of those feelings of fear and anxiety, accept them, and make positive steps towards overcoming that fear so that I can continue to enjoy what I love most.
In order to do this, I have joined in with Mindful Riding to achieve the goals that I want to and to be more confident in doing so! If anyone was interested then please feel free to use my code Ba9 to get 10% off their latest live event ❤

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