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***Mindful Alert***

I should probably explain the reason for the ‘mindfulness’ posts suddenly appearing on my blog!

I have been following Mindful Riding on Facebook for the work they do for a while now, having always struggled with my confidence when horse riding, despite it being quite possibly my biggest passion. However, knowing that my struggle with confidence is my weakness, I have followed Mindful Riding in order to take control in my understanding the things that I can’t control, and work on accepting and overcoming my fears.

When the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador for Mindful Riding came up, I leapt at the chance. The positivity that they put out is something that I think everyone could do with more of, and for me, the possibility that by sharing my experiences to enable someone else to feel less alone in their own journey makes it so worth it.

My interpretation of mindfulness is to be aware of everything you may be feeling, both positive and negative. It is to accept how you feel, as no good can come from fighting those emotions and being hard yourself for experiencing feelings beyond your control, and consequently working through what is needed, to overcome negativity and allow yourself to be positive and in peace with yourself going forwards.

I have always been one to love a quote, perhaps because when I have found one that explains the way I have felt, it has shown that it isn’t just me to feel a certain way. Here are a few quotes that caught my eye, shared by Mindful Riding… as it turns out, I couldn’t choose just one!

It can be confronting to acknowledge your fears and the act of talking about it or writing about it can be really daunting… be gentle with yourself, take small steps and we will get there x

#teaminspire #mindfulriding

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