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***Mindful Alert*** The Importance of Laughter When Things Don’t Go To Plan!

So Mindful Riding recently challenged their Brand Ambassadors to talk about the importance of laughter when things don’t go to plan, but this is something that I have really struggled to do. When I started this Mindful journey, I did so alongside my awesome friend, Megan, which has been amazing as she has been someone who has been able to relate and understand the difficulties that come with being part of the equestrian community, and the confidence struggles that we can all experience.

When things go wrong it is advised to “laugh it off” instead of dwelling on it and losing confidence, or giving up, but that is easier said than done. Sometimes, to get the courage and strength to laugh it off is near enough impossible to do on our own. Therefore, the support from friends is needed more than ever.

For Megan, after having a few “moments” with her own horse, Murphy, she lost some confidence when riding in the school. Admittedly, Megan has also found this post difficult to write, as she is familiar with the same struggle to laugh when things haven’t gone to plan and confidence has taken a knock… Thus, our adventures together and this collaborative post has occured!

We have been meeting every other weekend to get out on an adventure or work on something each of us have been struggling with, to take the pressure off and have the moral support of one another, finding that it helps to to have another perspective from a person on the ground. It is an opportunity to help each other through challenges that we are facing and rediscover our love for the sport, learning to laugh together when things go wrong in the process. Watch this space, we’ve got this!

Love Abbie and Megan x

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