Early Morning Equestrian Thoughts

Social media isn’t always the most positive place to find yourself, but through it, I have been able to find some really interesting people/pages!

This photo was shared this morning by ‘Blackhill Eventing’, a page I have found to be really quite useful for their support and advice. So when this post popped up this morning, I thought I would give it a save!

I LOVE riding mares, and Christa has shared a lot of posts about how incredible it can be to have a mare for an equine partner and how loyal they can be when you’ve got your partnership right. The flip side of that coin, is the attitude you can get from them when something is off, something I have been experiencing with the mare I ride! On a good day, she can be great, even her stroppy days – if I can get her to work at something she enjoys it is a game changer and she is willing to work! But, she may not! This post has got me thinking, reward just that little bit earlier, let her know that she is on the right path and maybe she will stay there a little while longer… I might have to give it a go and see how we get on!

We had a real struggle earlier on this year, but whilst I was out of the saddle I spent my time trying to really gain her trust, getting her to follow me around a school without fencing and she was amazing… but some days the grass at the edges is just too tempting! Maybe during those times she didn’t feel like the reward of what I wanted was enough over what she wanted, it’s all balance. No two horses or the same.

Anyway, that’s my early morning waffle! Have a good day x

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