I came across this quote just after the new year, and it really resonated with how I’ve been feeling about some of the changes I want to make this coming year.

I have also had a post sat in drafts about it ever since, but felt I’ve done a lot of waffling in recent posts and I didn’t want the point of this lovely quote to be lost amongst that.

What I will say now is, I have started watching an awesome series about mindfulness and meditation recently (which I will be sharing a post about on Monday as I absolutely love it), and the most recent episode really touched on the basis of this quote in a much simpler way than I was getting at!

The episode was called ‘How To Fall in Love with Life Again’ and it talked about how so much of life is spent wanting to be somewhere else. I, for one, know I am so guilty of looking forward to lunch, to the end of the day, the weekend, to the next something, that I often forget to be present and live in the moment I am in at that time. The episode talks about how we forget to pause and take a minute, and in an example of this a man, when asked what his favourite part of the day was, responded with a feeling of embarrassment, as he admitted that the favourite part of his day was in fact his morning coffee; a time spent with the people most important and closest to him, the first and last moment of calm before his day begun.

It led me wonder how many more moments we could experience if we lived each day with the intention of taking a moment to notice the things we would otherwise miss?

The episode explores reflective meditation, something I am learning the importance of, and I thought this quote too important not to share.

Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things. X

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