Finding Headspace

I feel I am a bit late to the Headspace party, it seems everyone I have told about it in all of my excitement has said “Oh yes, Headspace! Do you know there’s an app?!”

An app?! No, I did not know there is an app! I’ve only just found the Headspace series by accident… or maybe the series found me, by way of automatic ads on Netflix, for which I was incredibly grateful for.

Anyway, I wanted to share this post for those who, like me, know (or knew, as I have new-found enlightenment for it!) nothing about Headspace, as I have found it so far to be a really lovely series! It is available on Netflix as an eight episode long series under the title ‘Headspace Guide to Meditation‘ and the episodes are approximately 20 minutes long, short enough to find their way into any time of day, with calming naration, simple but effective narration and a mindfulness/meditation practise at the end of each episode, which I have found to be really helpful and make for a better start to the day, in comparison to the rushing around I usually do.

So, if you have Netflix and would like to learn more about mindfulness/meditation, I would definitely recommend it! One of my goals for the year to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, and put them into practise to take back some moments of calm in the crazy times that we are living in, and here is was a few days into the year, a guide to it! I love a happy coincedence!

I hope that by sharing it, it can be brought to someone else’s attention the way it was to mine. Enjoy! X

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