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***Mindful Alert*** Equestrian Inspiration

Today, I was challenged to think about my inspiration from the equestrian world, something I have been asked previously but never really had an answer for. This prompted me to think harder about the riders who I have admired over the years, and why this question has so far remained unanswered. My first thoughts to… Continue reading ***Mindful Alert*** Equestrian Inspiration

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***Mindful Alert*** The Importance of Laughter When Things Don’t Go To Plan!

So Mindful Riding recently challenged their Brand Ambassadors to talk about the importance of laughter when things don't go to plan, but this is something that I have really struggled to do. When I started this Mindful journey, I did so alongside my awesome friend, Megan, which has been amazing as she has been someone… Continue reading ***Mindful Alert*** The Importance of Laughter When Things Don’t Go To Plan!

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***Mindful Alert*** ☆ Terrific Tuesday

Today's challenge by Mindful Riding was to reflect on my proudest moment to date with my pony, however, I am still excitedly (and impatiently-patiently!) waiting for the day when my very own equine partner in crime arrives. Whilst this can sometimes be a struggle, the silver lining of this cloud is that it has meant… Continue reading ***Mindful Alert*** ☆ Terrific Tuesday


This is one of my all time favourite quotes, taken from the film 'We Bought A Zoo'. I love the underlying positivity of it, the way it challenges fear and the real sense of the possibilities that are out there, if we have the courage to persue them ❤