A Very Good ‘Good Friday’

Yesterday was the day I could finally go and see my amazing friend, Megan and her lovely horse, Murphy! We have been waiting for restrictions to ease enough to be able to spend a day together in the fresh air, and started counting down the days from the moment we realised it could finally happen... Continue Reading →

***Mindful Alert*** Toxic Positivity

Whilst a positive mindset is so important, I recently became aware of the risk of going too far with what I have learnt to be 'Toxic Positivity'. It is something I have wanted to talk about for a while, but an interesting post from Blackhill Eventing on Facebook promoting the difference between 'Validation and Hope'... Continue Reading →

Finding Headspace

I feel I am a bit late to the Headspace party, it seems everyone I have told about it in all of my excitement has said "Oh yes, Headspace! Do you know there's an app?!" An app?! No, I did not know there is an app! I've only just found the Headspace series by accident...... Continue Reading →


I came across this quote just after the new year, and it really resonated with how I've been feeling about some of the changes I want to make this coming year. I have also had a post sat in drafts about it ever since, but felt I've done a lot of waffling in recent posts... Continue Reading →

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