My Journey From horsesandcake To ratherbewearingwellies

Having been notified to writing my 50th post at the beginning of the year (one of those happy coincedences that I like), I thought it might be a good idea to go back to the beginning and explain how I started blogging, and how I’ve ended up at Rather Be Wearing Wellies.

My journey started with a notebook containing a year’s worth of full of write-ups about my riding lessons in 2012. I was always very secretive with my book but very proud of it nonetheless, for it was kept as a journal of diagrams of the pole exercises completed that week, which horse I had ridden (as I had just started riding two horses bi-monthly to help me to adapt and learn from each of them), where things hadn’t quite gone to plan and our successes. My little notebook was started as one riding lesson per week was as much as we could afford (and I have always been very grateful for!), but I often rode with, and was compared to, the daughter of the yard owner, who rode her pony with instruction most days and I was desperate to learn and absorb as much information as I could to keep up and keep progressing.

I kept my journal tucked away but that year I ended up talking about these journal entries to my super creative Uncle, whose profession is Web Designing, and he loved it so much he had the idea for me to create a blog, which both excited me and scared me in equal amounts! Combining my two biggest passions; horses and cake, horsesandcake.com was created!

I had always loved writing but lacked confidence, and I remember being terrified that if I put an opinion in a post that it could blooked at as controversial because someone may disagree, notably my posts about the 2012 Olympics, where I simply listed the winners rather than talk about how amazingly they rode, and how I wished I could be as brave as they are (which is something I still believe today, oh to be so brave… it’s a work in progress!)

One of my last posts on horsesandcake was aptly named ‘No Horses and Not a Lot of Cake’, which I think is pretty self explanatory! I had no horses in my life so was no longer writing about my experiences, and I was baking a lot less due to education commitments and becoming self-conscious of things like my weight as people often do, so I consequently ran out of ideas and a lack of content followed on.

Coming up with Rather Be Wearing Wellies, I had no idea what I wanted to call my updated blog, only that I wanted to have the capacity to create a small corner of positivity, with the opportunity to talk about a number of topics that had in their own way become of importance to me. My passion for animals has remained and I have been learning the balance between baking to your hearts content and actually, no that is too much baking considering the day job is at a desk, so I’ll share recipes and maybe the odd fitness tip I’ve learnt if I think it maybe of an interest (I would still much prefer the cake!)

Something else I have wanted to talk about is going back to relearn mindfulness, prompted by Mindful Riding, who I reached out to for help in improving confidence in my horse riding, which has never been particularly present but has been even less so than before of late! Mindfulness has been something that seeps into various aspects of life and has been really helpful in dealing with the unknown times that we are experiencing.

Anyway, of all of the blog name ideas (including those come up with by my house rabbit when he ran over my keyboard multiple times!), I am pretty certain that in most situations I really would rather be wearing wellies, so here we are. The name just seemed to fit and thus, my new journey had begun ♡ x

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